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The Marquee... or Yurt, to be precise.

Don’t know what a yurt is? Put simply, it’s a marquee like you’ve never seen before, and ours is the largest one in the world!

Yurts are thought to originate from Central Asia and Mongolia, and are based on a beautiful and unique design which has evolved over 3,000 years. They have an elegant onion shaped wooden frame construction, covered in waxed cotton canvas. Inside it can be designed and dressed to suit the theme of your event, whether it be for a wedding reception, product launch, meeting, dinner or party, offering the most amazing venue imaginable.
Our Yurt, which is the only one of its type in Scotland, offers comfortable, enchanting accommodation. Whether it's a cosy wedding for 100 guests or a corporate product launch for up to 400, because it’s a circular shape guests will never be far away from the action. By simply placing tables around a central area which can be left free to incorporate a dance floor, presentation stage or product launch position, you can create a cosy yet uncrowded atmosphere regardless of the number of people present. All of which makes for a truly original space in which to hold your event.
Hiring our Yurt
Having evolved as a solution to a nomadic lifestyle the yurt, by its very nature, was designed to be disassembled and reassembled with relative ease. Because of this, we are happy to hire out our Yurt if you wish to hold an event at another location. We will deliver the Yurt, erect it and collect it from you once your event has finished. Please contact us to find out more.

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