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Your Hosts

Part of what makes an event at Crimonmogate so unique is the feeling of being part of a ‘country house party’, hosted by the owners of the house. As well as making sure that everything runs flawlessly on the day, William and Candida will be on hand to act as host and hostess should you require this - happy to mingle with your guests and to provide additional insight and information about the magnificent building which they are delighted to call home.

William, Viscount Petersham, is the son of Charles Stanhope, 12th Earl of Harrington. His sister Serena is married to David Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, nephew of Queen Elizabeth II. His wife, Candida, is a highly respected sculptress - although she is possibly better known for being a former Chanel model - having been approached by the design house after they saw a  picture of her in Vogue with one of her sculptures.

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